Top 5 4K gaming TVs money can buy

While 2014 witnessed the mass scale launch of ultra HD TVs, you were probably justified in being more than a little circumspect in acquiring one for your living room. After all, what is the point of a resolution four times higher than full HD, if you cannot get high quality content for the same. The price tag also stuck out like a sore thumb, with most companies looking to cash-in on the novelty factor. Do those considerations still hold, now that we are firmly into 2015? The unambiguous answer is a loud NO. The content for 4K resolution is set to witness a massive boost, with services such as Netflix already streaming them. Do not be surprised if 4K content is launched in Blu-ray format this year, or if dedicated 4K channels make an appearance. The news is even more rosier when it comes to affordability. While still discernibly pricier than 1080p sets, 4K TVs have already witnessed, and, will continue to witness, a downward trend in terms of pricing. So what are the best models in this already crowded niche that promise to elevate both your TV viewing and gaming experience to unprecedented levels? Here are 5 of the very best models that money can buy. 1) Samsung UN65HU9000: The flagship offering from Samsung stands unrivalled in the market, both in terms of technology, and the utter wow factor of its sleek lines and curved design. The jaw dropping elegance of its curved screen is enough to make anyone continue staring at this beast of a TV even when it’s switched off. However, its true brilliance comes to the fore when you turn it on, as its curved screen makes sure your viewing angles are perfectly aligned. A superb refresh rate, along with a powerful quad core processor ensures peak performance that will more than match up to all your gaming needs. 2) Samsung UE65HU8500: Another model from the Samsung stable, this model may feature slightly downgraded specs, but they are barely discernible in its display and all round performance. Measuring 65 inches and sporting the same curved screen, this stunning piece of hardware renders true to life visuals. As a marked improvement over a lot of 4K models last year that did not have a fast enough connection speed, this model comes with HDMI 2.0 ports to support the video codec for delivery of ultra HD content. 3) Sony XBR65X950B: An absolute beast from the traditional powerhouse in television sets. Only its extravagant price has kept this model from occupying the number two position. The picture quality, owing to its exceptional refresh rate and image processing, is second to none. A beautiful looking piece of hardware with elegant and clean lines, this TV comes with a high-end touch remote. You also get your hands on Sony’s proprietary streaming 4K media box, to enjoy the very best ultra HD content. 4) LG 84UB9800: If 65 inches of diagonal screen size appears to small to you, then we would introduce LG Electronics’ monster for a set that measures 84 massive inches. Expectedly, the IPS TV delivers surreal visuals, and the exceptionally large screen only contributes further to the dramatic effect. The reliable LG operation system provides you access to most of streaming services, and with their constant upgrades, you are not likely to face compatibility problems. The universal remote control that comes with the set is a delight to use. 5) Toshiba 58L9363: Included purely because of its price factor, this model from Toshiba packs a punch in terms of performance as well. Using a proprietary Active Shutter 3D system, this model not only offers you one of the most reliable smart TV experience, but its CEVO 4K engines transforms HD into ultra HD quality content. Read reviews of the top rated lcd/led cheap hdtv with?ultimate picture quality.

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