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In a “from the Tribune’s archive” entry, we are republishing former Trib data editor Matt Hu-Stiles’ work from last November when Gov. Rick Perry‘s Washington-bashing book Fed Up! first came out. With Perry’s entry into the 2012 GOP presidential nomination contest, the book, of course, is receiving new scrutiny

As Hu-Stiles wrote in his original story, “I wondered how the book would render as a word cloud, a visualization technique that enlarges words by frequency. We obtained a digital copy of the book, which has 56,393 words (excluding footnotes and Newt Gingrich‘s foreword), and created the cloud below. Not surprisingly, Perry uses ‘federal,’ ‘government,’ ‘people,’ ‘Washington’ and ‘states’ most often.”

Perry’s favorite term for Social Security, the one getting all the attention on the campaign trail — “Ponzi scheme” — appears only twice. And “monstrous lie,” which is what Perry called Social Security at an Iowa campaign stop over the weekend? Not once. 

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- NPR’s Wade Goodwin

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry will officially make clear his intentions to run for the GOP presidential nomination during a speech on Saturday in South Carolina. But he has sounded like a candidate for a while.

“Until Washington figures out that the only true stimulus is more money in the hands of employers across all economic sectors, as well as a restrained bureaucracy that is no longer overreaching into the workplaces, our national nightmare will continue,” he said in San Antonio this week.

Perry has been governor of Texas since 2000, but his connections to the state extend long before then — to 1950, and his hometown of Paint Creek, Texas. More from NPR